Page One Domination

Who is Responsible for Your Online Presence?

Page one domination of search results is key in building your online presence. Most people never go to page two. If you want to be known, you must be on page 1 search results, but not with a mixture of people who share your name. Instead, you want to dominate the whole page 1 with relevant and compelling links about you.

Google Yourself, CEO explains which sites are most likely to show up on page 1 and how you can be present on those sites to brand yourself.

Dominating search results shows your credibility, but you also want something to happen as a result of your online presence: to drive people to your homepage or other sites where you have a profile, a channel, an account with your own material and information, where you are in control of the content.

You become more visible and thus dominate page 1 search results by being present on various social platforms. By providing high-quality, compelling content and interacting with your stakeholders online, you can build a 24/7 globally accessible brand. How-tos and details can be found in Google Yourself, CEO.

Updated And Relevant

Do you have your homepage yet? Just like many other CEOs before you, you may not think you need your own personal homepage. Google Yourself, CEO shows you reasons that you may not have considered as relevant—before the internet age.

Among the many reasons, your homepage is your showcase and business card. Gather the most updated and relevant material about you or your business here. Your homepage helps you build awareness and a community.

Besides, you may not think you will need a webpage for any reasons later in your life, but having it now will let it age and earn its seniority in the eyes of the search engines. It’s a form of insurance, increasing your capital for the future. Other reasons for having your homepage can be found in Google Yourself, CEO.

Online—Where And When?

In addition to your website, you’ll want to decide which other websites should be priorities for your presence. Google Yourself, CEO walks you through the why, what, and how of creating a presence on the important sites, including the social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest; Wikipedia; and the video/multimedia sites (SlideShare, YouTube, and Vimeo). You’ll learn how to develop material that matches each site’s particular strengths.

Will including video help you rank higher? Why should you blog? Why doesn’t everyone see the same results? Will press releases help? Does timing of posts matter?

The book answers your questions about branding yourself online, so that you can choose where, how, and when to invest your time to achieve page 1 domination.

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