Why Should You as CEO Google Yourself?

Because first impressions last. Especially online

Google yourself and see what kind of first impression your stakeholders may get when they Google you.

In today’s world, regardless if your business is online or offline, we still need a person we can trust before we can truly trust your products or your services. Think about how come so many of us have little or no loyalty to our mobile carrier while willingly paid for over-priced Apple products.

You do not need to be Steve Jobs but you can still brand your company effectively by branding yourself with a distinct online presence that differentiates you from your peers 24/7 globally. You want your stakeholders to know you with your best results, the values that you stand for, and the future that you’ll strive for. Imagine the credibility that you could have earned online before your potential client say yes to a meeting, you shake hands with your stakeholders or negotiate with future partners.

What kind of online presence do you have now?

Google your name. What do you see?

Scenario 1: Links about a variety of people who share your name and links about something unflattering from your distant past that you’d rather bury.

Scenario 2: It’s all (or almost all) about you and your company, with links that coherently reflect who you are now and a presence that supports your company and your dreams.

The first scenario above happens when you put no care or consideration into your online presence. Do you want to let chance determine—or even wreck—your reputation?

You create Scenario 2 by executing a plan and strategy aligned with your goals. When you create a positive, dominant online presence, people can find their way to you and discover relevant material.

A Goal, A Plan, A Strategy

The internet has given you a capital. Grow it. Products and ideas can be copied easily, but you are unique. Should life take an unexpected turn, your online brand can be as valuable as money in the bank.

Lack of online presence makes its own impression. Others can replace you and may confuse potential stakeholders. Instead, you can become a visible, proactive CEO; make the effort to brand your company by branding yourself.

3 Goals of Your Online Branding Strategy

You can improve your online presence by taking small steps that fit into your busy life. Google Yourself, CEO tells you how to accomplish three branding goals: 1) dominating the top 10 search results on page 1 when people Google your name, 2) optimizing your online presence to reflect the real, multifaceted you, and 3) using content both to express yourself and to improve your online ranking.

As CEO, you represent your company. If you are passionate about your industry, you can inspire others; showcase your knowledge, share relevant information, and become the thought leader in your field. These are just some of the eight specific benefits your company can gain through your online presence. To learn about the rest, buy the book at Saxo.com.

Brand your company by branding yourself. 

By Isabella Lo